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o-topos-mas Stylida is a city rich in history. It is built over the ruins of the ancient city “Falara” on the Maliakos natural bay, while ruins of two ancient castles still exist in the locations “AgiaAikaterini” (west) and “Kalogeros” (east). Stylidais located in the center of one of the largest olive groves in Greece.The Stylida olive grove stretches from the Lamia city limits to theGlyfaregion in Eastern Fthiotida, on the border of the Magnesia prefecture. Majorcity attractions are the monasteries of AgiosVlasios and AgiosGeorgios, as well as the AgiiTaxiarches monastery in Neraida village, while the Memorial of the 1821 Revolution’s fighter Kasomoulis, located over his tomb, is also significant.

Stylida also hosts the first ever Center of Environmental Education in Greece (founded in 1988) which, along with its twin station in Ypati, monitor the Maliakos Gulf – Mt. Oiti-Spercheios River ecosystem.

Olive growing in the wider area of the Stylida municipality has been the core of the national agricultural production for many decades. In this context, the Stylida region marks a relatively high growth rate in the agricultural sector, which still largely remains the main income source to a significant part of its population.