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The Standardization

IMG_1242(tipopoiisi)-web Standardization is done by us in small batches, depending on the order. Our goal is to keep the quality of the olive oil unparalleled during the process, by avoiding mechanical operations.

We have the patience to wait until the precipitation of the “oil must” is complete, in order to avoid the filtration by using mechanical methods. This is proved by the minimum precipitate that can be often visible at the bottom of the container, resembling chunks of orange juice in appearance, which dissolves after a gentle shake.

Small semi-automatic machines are used for bottling, to prevent the product hardship in large product lines. The label affixing and the product packaging are also done by hand. We strictly follow the HAACCP and ISO 22000 procedures, in order to certify each time that our products will arrive to the consumer safely.


                                                                                                                                                     Certificate ΙSO 22000